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Bluetooth Sleep Mask


6 reviews

🌙 Discover Tranquil Sleep with our Innovative Sleep Headphones Eye Mask! 🎧

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and technology with our 3D Sleep Headband Breathable Eye Mask. Crafted for side sleepers, insomniacs, travelers, yogis, and those seeking ultimate relaxation.

🎶 Mobile Connection: Seamlessly connect to your device, letting you drift into dreamland while enjoying your favorite music or soothing sounds.

🌟 Adjustable Strap: Customize the fit for maximum comfort, ensuring a snug and secure sleep all night long.

🛌 For Side Sleepers: Designed to adapt to your sleeping position, providing optimal comfort even if you're a side sleeper.

😴 Combat Insomnia: Say goodbye to restless nights as our eye mask helps create the perfect sleeping environment.

✈️ Ideal for Travel: Whether on a plane or in a new place, enjoy quality sleep with our travel-friendly eye mask.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Justice Stoltenberg

Arrived earlier than expected and in good condition.
The material is very soft, comfortable, blocks the light, connected well to Bluetooth, I still have not tested it but the sound is good.

Erling Gusikowski

Very good I have already used it 2 nights and it is very comfortable.

Euna Beahan

Very good, 100% blocks the light

Rozella Nicolas

Item as described No issues Great seller

Freda Hackett

good sound and comfort 😊