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Lash Lift Kit


46 reviews

This Eyelash Growth Treatment kit features a liquid and cream combination to lift your lashes. It is comprised of a whole small kit with one poly bag and set of perming liquid, designed to lift and nourish your eyelashes, as well as provide a long-lasting curl.


Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Kiley Murphy

Everything came whole and not harmful! I haven't tried it yet.

Beulah Nader

Everything perfect arrived a day before the scheduled reception, sent from Guadalajara
Fast and perfect. I'll add if it works

Margaretta Schiller

Only 12 days shipping!! The box was well packed and the descriptions were clear. There are no tools to apply the liquids, or to protext the lower lashes. Make sure to buy one in advance. (you don‘t really need it tho) it‘s hard to glue the lashes upwards onto the lift pads.. it‘s not as easy as it‘s showed on the videoclip. But with some patience it worked. THE END RESULT IS AMAZING!

Jamal Renner

It works perfectly. My straight eyelashes are lifted so much. I have long lashes now. Love it!

Alexandre Bailey

I arrive earlier than I thought. .. The pads are very good I loved