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Portable Heated Eyelash Curler


46 reviews

This heated eyelash curler is designed with a rechargeable battery and two colors to choose from for a personalized touch. The curler helps to achieve longer-lasting lashes with an effortless and seamless curl for a flawless look.



Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Felicita Zemlak

Everything works perfectly!
Arrived in 10 days, charging is also included, super!

Vanessa Walsh

Fast Shipping, a little weak material, it gives impression that it breaks easily. Warm up well and laugh eyelashes well.

Ken West

I loved it, bring the cable to charge. As I understand it has 2 options, one in green color and one in blue color. It is a mild heat, special for the area where it is used. I used it for 30 seconds app per eye and then applied mascara and loved how it leaves the eyelashes. The seller should improve the security of shipping that yes, since it is a delicate product and the box was crushed. I suggest using plastic bubble to protect the product in shipping.

Sammy Terry

Fully complies with the product description. Arrived in a week in chili. It works very well.

Demond Borer

Very nice!!! Doesn’t get too hot. Could use a little more space for the eyelashes but it works well!!